Shyna Khatri Romances Jaishree Gaikwad In Karzdaar Web Series

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This is an appreciation post for Shyna Khatri who made a fine start in 2023. Shyna Khatri did multiple girl on girl scenes in continuations. It starts with Primeshots Kaam Purush web series, then Pehredaar 3 web series, and now in Karzdaar web series as well. The proof is enormous reddit account who shared gifs and videos of Shyna Khatri for weeks.

What made Shyna Khatri outshines most of her competitions is her screen presence and acting skills. While Shyna Khatri’s romance with Pihu Kanojia was memorable, her romancing Jaishree Gaikwad was somewhat most awaited. Many actresses who have worked for Primeplay Web Series has done three way romance with two male co-actor or female co-actor.

While you have witnessed Shyna Khatri glory in Kaam Purush web series. She came back again with Hunters App web series titled Karzdaar. Shyna Khatri played the character of a slave daughter-in-law who romances both her father-in-law and and sister-in-law at the same time.

Shyna Khatri Romances Jaishree Gaikwad In Karzdaar Web Series

Jaishree Gaikwad On Romancing Shyna Khatri In karzdaar Web Series

Jaishree Gaikwad also shines in the moments in many web series. She has been part of many Primeplay web series. Also, Jaishree has done multiple three-way romantic scenes than Shyna Khatri.

For instance, in the very first season of Pehredaar web series, Shyna Khatri has a separate track while jaishree Gaikwad had intense girl-on-girl scene with Neha Gupta along with Deepak Dutt Sharma.

Shyna Khatri Romances Jaishree Gaikwad In Karzdaar Web Series

Another intense girl on girl scene of Jaishree Gaikwad came in Flat Screen Web Series with her female co-star Shaisha Khan. However, fans have been waiting for the interation between Shyna Khatri and Jaishree Gaikwad as they both worked together in many web series.

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