Watch Online Stranger Primeplay Web Series All New Episodes

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Stranger web series watch online all episodes on the official Primeplay app. The web series got a fanatic response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has released final 2 episodes on 27th December 2022. Earlier, fans loved previous Stranger Primeplay web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Stranger web series cast Nishvika and Neha Gupta in the lead roles. Stranger web series consists of 5 episodes of 25-30 minutes each.

You can watch online Stranger web series all episodes on Primeplay App. Previously, Primeplay App released Vasu web series featuring Riddhima Tiwari, Mahi Khan, Rajsi Verma in key roles.

Watch Online Stranger Primeplay Web Series All New Episodes

Stranger Web Series Cast

  • Amita Raina as Mysterious Mask Man
  • Nishvika as Wife
  • Shuman Das as Husband
  • Asif as Vishal BF
  • Neha Gupta as Sister
  • Beena as Dadi

Stranger Web Series Story

The Stranger web series episode 4 starts with the wife attending the house Aarti with Dadi and involving in daily chores. Neha Gupta tries to go out with her friends and give excuse that she went for extra classes. Nishvika helped her to go out.

The very first scene we see in the episode 4 was Nishvika getting surprised by Daniel surprise visit. They have quick romantic session that led to bathroom. The Dadi investigates the situation but get nothing. Just after that, we cut to exclusive romantic session of Neha Gupta with her friend.

Watch Online Stranger Primeplay Web Series All New Episodes

Stranger web series episode 5 shows the holi gathering and breaking relationship of husband and wife. Danial again made surprise visit to her house and start an intense session with Nishvika. Meanwhile, we also get to see Neha Gupta another romantic tangling with her friend for several minutes.

Episode 5 Stranger web series ends at a cliffhanger where Daniel came her home with her husband as a paying guest. He confronted the couple that they have new things to discuss as they are now living in the same house.

Stranger web series has released all episodes, in which Stranger episode 4 is the best featuring unnamed new actress in her bathtub and draped only in saree. Primeplay promises to bring all new exciting web series similar to Stranger such as Stranger.

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