Watch Online Shukla Niwas Web Series All Episodes On Woow App

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Shukla Niwas web series watch online all episodes on the official Woow app. The web series got a fantastic response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has released all episodes on 28th January 2023. Earlier, fans loved previous Woow web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Shukla Niwas web series cast Pallavi Debnath and Ekta More, among others in the lead roles. Shukla Niwas web series consists of 4 episodes of 25-30 minutes each.

You can watch online Shukla Niwas web series all episodes on Woow App. Previously, Woow App released Darji web series featuring Pallavi Debnath and Ekta More in key roles.

Watch Online Shukla Niwas Web Series All Episodes On Woow App

Shukla Niwas Web Series Cast

  • Pallavi Debnath
  • Ekta More
  • Mandy Bhullar
  • Sarabjeet Haweli
  • Pawan Dhiman
  • Seema Kumari
  • Lovepreet Sonu

Shukla Niwas Web Series Story

Web Series Shukla Niwas episode 1 starts with the guy playing with himself while watching live session of a woman. He was interrupted by his father as he entered the room at the same time. After a small bikering, his father spilled the secret that his family is suffering from.

His father narrated the story where one of their ancestors were involved with local women. The women curse the whole generation that they will face erectile dysfunction after the age of 23. Our protagonist suddenly lost all hopes of having decent married life.

In Shukla Niwas web series episode 2, we see Mandy Bhullar getting married to Pallavi Debnath. He is totally disinterested in the marriage because of the curse. However, the family pressurized and they give in. Even Pallavi Debnath just donned the bridal outfit as scene ended comically.

Watch Online Shukla Niwas Web Series All Episodes On Woow App

Helmed by Satti Bhairupa, Shukla Niwas web series is story-driven. They focus on comedy aspect of the story more than just creating multiple scenes of actors romantically interacting with each other. To know what happens in the Shukla Niwas web series, watch online the complete web series on Woow app official.

Shukla Niwas web series has released all episodes so that audience binge-watch, if you find Shukla Niwas web series interesting, watch online all episodes. Woow promises to bring all new exciting web series similar to Shukla Niwas web series.


Who is the actress of the Shukla Niwas Web Series?

Pallavi Debnath, Ekta More,

What is the Shukla Niwas Web Series release date?

28th January 2023

Where we can watch Shukla Niwas Web Series?

Woow App

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