Is Jehanabad – Of Love & War A True Story On The 2005 Jailbreak In Bihar?

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The web series “Jehanabad – Of Love & War” is based on the true events of the 2005 Jehanabad Jailbreak in the Indian state of Bihar. The series will blend a historical account of the jailbreak with a romantic story set in the same location.

Jehanabad, a district in Bihar, serves as the backdrop for this tale of love and conflict between a professor and his student, and the larger struggle between Naxalites and the police.

The trailer hints at a complex and passionate narrative that delves into the theme of caste discrimination and the jailbreak, which was a reaction to this issue. Overall, viewers can expect an entertaining and thought-provoking experience from the upcoming web series.

Is Jehanabad - Of Love & War A True Story On The 2005 Jailbreak In Bihar

2005 Jehanabad Jailbreak

The 2005 Jehanabad Jailbreak in Bihar is considered one of the most significant jailbreak incidents in India’s history. On November 13, 2005, a group of over 500 Maoists laid siege on the town of Jehanabad, resulting in the escape of over 370 convicts, including 130 Naxalites.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) fighters launched a surprise attack, freeing hundreds of captured Naxalites and taking captive 20 paramilitaries. During the attack, the Maoists executed their leader, detonated bombs throughout the town, and reportedly killed a prison guard.

Subsequent media reports have credited the mastermind behind the jailbreak to Ajay Kanu, also known as Ravi.

In 2007, an Intelligence Bureau (IB) team from New Delhi arrived to interrogate the alleged mastermind of the Jehanabad jailbreak incident, Ajay Kanu, who was arrested the previous day.

Led by a superintendent-rank officer, the team visited the IB office in Danapur and questioned Kanu for several hours. Kanu, who was carrying a reward of Rs 5 lakh on his head, was apprehended while traveling to Kolkata from Dhanbad in Jharkhand with two women activists.

Jehanabad Jailbreak Story On Newspaper

According to reports, he was taken into custody while on the train at the Gomo railway station in the Dhanbad railway division.

The arrest of Ajay Kanu, the mastermind behind the Jehanabad jailbreak, was seen as a significant blow to the Naxal outfit. The Intelligence Bureau was closely monitoring his movements and had made an earlier mistake of arresting someone in error.

The names of the two women accompanying Ajay at the time of his arrest were not disclosed by the Bureau.

Ajay was wanted by police in multiple states, including Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa, and the interrogating authorities aimed to gain information about the extremist movements and their operations. He was arrested by the special task force from the Tankuppa police station area in Gaya district.

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Where is Ajay Kanu now?

In 2021, Ajay Kanu was transferred from Patna’s Beur jail to Bhagalpur jail due to close surveillance by the police and jail officials. There were concerns that he was attempting to unify with other prisoners and potentially plotting something.

The Jehanabad jailbreak occurred on November 13th during the third phase of polling, when over one thousand Naxalites armed with machine guns and other weapons stormed the jail and freed more than three hundred prisoners, mostly Naxalite supporters.

The jail gate was blown up with a powerful explosion at 9 PM. The incident shook the state and central governments and was seen as a declaration of war by the Naxalites.

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