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Watch Online Sauda Hunters Web Series All Episodes

Sauda web series watch online all episodes on the official Hunters app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has released first 3 episodes on 8th February 2023. Earlier, fans loved previous Hunters web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Sauda Hunters web series cast Bharti Jha, Jaishree Gaikwad, Soni Jha, Bhavna, and Pooja in the lead roles. Sauda web series consists of 5-6 episodes of 25-30 minutes each.

You can watch online Sauda web series all episodes on Hunters App. Previously, Hunters App released Pehredaar web series featuring Shyna Khatri and Jaishree Gaikwad in key roles. Sauda web series is created in the same vein as Office web series where a boss is giving promotion to everyone by taking advantage of employees.

Watch Online Sauda Hunters Web Series All Episodes

Sauda Web Series Cast

  • Ashraf as Boss
  • Jaishree Gaikwad as Bua
  • Soni Jha as Santosh’s Wife
  • Bhavna as Mahesh’s Wife
  • Pooja as Tanya
  • Amar Hotwani as Mahesh
  • Bharti Jha as Boss’s Wife
  • Vinnay as Servant
  • Bhavesh as Santosh
  • Anu as Pallavi

Sauda Web Series Story

The Sauda web series episode 1 starts with an employee entering into boss’s cabin. We get a good look of Tanya (Pooja) as she entered the Boss’s cabin and offered anything against the promotion. He asked for the file and they entered into passionate session.

After the credit rolls for the intro, the secretary came in to announce that Tanya got promotion. Other employees enquired about their status but they get loaded answers in response. We cut to see the family drama of Mahesh’s house.

Watch Online Sauda Hunters Web Series All Episodes

In Sauda web series episode 2, we met Bhawna (Mahesh’s Wife) and Jaishree Gaikwad (Bua) in the house as family struggle to meet social needs under the lack of promotion. Meanwhile, we also know Mahesh is not good with his wife because of the constant stress with the office work.

The scene shifted to the office location where Mahesh knows about another promotion. When he asked his office-mate, he stated that he took his wife’s (Soni Jha) help as she romanced the boss in exchange for promotion.

Sauda web series episode 3 shows the ultimate cliffhanger where he finally saw how Tanya got promoted and determined to take that route for his promotion too. The trailer clip already showed us Boss with Bhawna and Jaishree Gaikwad.

Sauda web series has released all episodes, in which Sauda web series episode 2 is the best featuring Soni Jha and Pooja in captivating avatars. Hunters promises to bring all new exciting web series similar to Sauda.

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