The Tragic Death of Catherine Martinez: 5 Surprising Details Unveiled

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Catherine Martinez, a young and aspiring fitness model, met her untimely death in July 2014. Her husband, Russell Neal, a former R&B singer, admitted to the police that he was involved in a fight with his wife, and she needed medical attention.

However, when authorities entered their Houston apartment, they found Catherine dead, covered with a blanket. Here are five shocking details about Catherine Martinez’s death that have come to light.

1. Catherine Was Last Seen by Her Mother on June 28, 2014

Catherine’s mother last saw her alive on June 28, 2014, before Catherine left her house. A few days later, Russell Neal turned himself in to the Houston Police Department and hinted that he may have killed his wife. He told authorities that they had fought and that Catherine needed medical attention.

2. Catherine Martinez Was Found Dead from Blunt Force and Stab Wounds

After Russell’s confession, the police took him into custody, and he refused to speak any further, even asking for a lawyer. When authorities broke down the door to their apartment, they found Catherine dead on the living room floor. Reports later confirmed that she died of multiple stab wounds and blunt force injuries to the head.

3. Her Two Young Sons Were Present in the House at the Time of the Murder

Catherine Martinez had two young sons with Russell Neal, and they were in the house when the murder happened. The boys, Raphael and Diego, aged 3 and 5, respectively, were in a separate room during the attack.

However, Catherine’s family claims that one of the sons walked out of the room during the altercation and saw blood on Russell’s shoes, to which he said that the stains were from ketchup. Catherine’s sister, Glenda Lewis, revealed that the incident has left the children traumatized, with one of them having nightmares.

The Tragic Death of Catherine Martinez: 5 Surprising Details Unveiled

4. Russell Neal Was Abusive Towards Catherine, and Her Family Knew About It

Catherine’s family has disclosed that Russell was allegedly abusive towards his wife, with bruises and scratches visible all over her body. They also revealed that Catherine had to become the breadwinner because of her husband’s financial problems. She even used makeup to cover up the bruises.

5. Russell Neal Was Ruled Unfit to Stand Trial in Catherine’s Murder

After being placed in prison, Russell Neal began referring to himself as Jesus Christ, and he was subsequently admitted to a mental institution for therapy. After a year, the Harris County Court declared him mentally ill and unfit to stand trial, despite the authorities’ claims that he knew what he was doing when he killed Catherine.

In Conclusion

Catherine Martinez’s death was a tragedy that continues to affect her family and loved ones. The case has remained unsolved, with Russell Neal being deemed unfit to stand trial.

The all-new episode of Death by Fame, titled The Killing Game, promises to offer more insight into what transpired inside the Houston apartment on that fateful day in 2014. May Catherine’s soul rest in peace, and may her family find closure.

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