Watch Online Kitaab Ka Raaz Voovi Web Series All Episodes

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Kitaab Ka Raaz web series watch online all episodes on the official Voovi app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation. The comedy-drama series has released 2 more episodes on 24th December 2022. Earlier, fans loved Voovi web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances in various web series. 

Kitaab Ka Raaz web series cast Ridhima Tiwari, Sana Asundi, and Arpita Das in the lead roles. Kitaab Ka Raaz web series consists of 5-6 episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

You can watch online Kitaab Ka Raaz web series all episodes on Voovi App. Previously, Voovi App released Chaar Saheliyaan web series featuring Aayushi Jaiswal, Paromita Dey, Rekha Mona Sarkar, and Muskan Agarwal in lead roles.

Kitaab Ka Raaz Web Series Cast

  • Ridhima Tiwari
  • Sana Asundi
  • Lucky Saini
  • Shivam Verma
  • Arpita Das
  • Sanjay Bhardwaj
  • Rajesh Gupta
Watch Online Kitaab Ka Raaz Voovi Web Series All Episodes

Kitaab Ka Raaz Web Series Story

Web Series Kitaab Ka Raaz episode 3 start with Sana Asundi reading the book and fantasizing about the whole scenario. The web series talk about a surreal fiction where everyone who reads the book finds their chapter in the book.

Sana Asundi got scared after reading the chapter of her sister Ridhima Tiwari in the book. She went to confront the same with her sister to which Ridhima Tiwari explained everything hiding the book in the closet.

It would be good to see that creators are coming with the new ideas for the web series. The point is to make web series as absurd as possible to grab audience’s attention. The Kitaab Ka Raaz web series continues to release further set of episodes on next Friday.

Kitaab Ka Raaz web series is considerably a long series and creators just played with the charismatic looks and expressions of Riddima Tiwari. The actress has topped the game with her expressive face and attitude. We will surely get more and more of Ridhima Tiwari in upcoming web series across platforms.

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