Gulmohar Movie Review: Make You Cry a Little, But in a Good Way

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Get ready to experience the Batra family’s emotional rollercoaster ride in “Gulmohar“! The clock is ticking for this New Delhi clan as they prepare to bid farewell to their 34-year-old family home. But wait, there’s more!

The matriarch decides to move to Puducherry for some solo living, but not before celebrating Holi one last time with her brood. As the family packs up their belongings, you’ll be taken on a journey through their secrets, dynamics, and what’s in store for their future. Get the tissues ready!

That’s the basic premise of the story, here we give you 3 reasons, why Gulmohar Movie is a good watch for you.

Relatable Characters and Stories Set in Present-Day Delhi

Gulmohar is a movie that follows the Batra family as they spend their last few days in their home of 34 years before it gets demolished for redevelopment. As the matriarch decides to move to Puducherry and live independently, she wants to celebrate Holi with her family one last time.

As the family packs up, the movie delves into the individual storylines of the family members, their secrets, and their dynamics. The best part about the movie is how relatable the characters, events, and the setting are.

You’ll recognize these people and hear the things they say, like parents comparing themselves and their children when they were the same age, the short shelf life of new music, and start-up struggles. It’s all woven together with a powerful story.

Gulmohar Movie Review

A Profound Story About Love, Hope, and Relationships

Gulmohar is a heartfelt and cerebral movie that talks about compromise, taking a stand, loving with your heart, and not your mind. It shows that relationships are about bonds, not blood, and how fathers and sons carry the same burden to prove themselves to each other.

Love, hope, and interpersonal relations are common themes among all the characters, whether they’re part of the Batra family or their staff. The movie is full of symbolism, and every scene will make you think and feel something.

Sharmila Tagore’s portrayal of Kusum Batra, a modern woman with a deep sense of familial bond and love, is outstanding. Manoj Bajpayee, who plays her son Arun, delivers an outstanding performance as well.

Simran as his wife, Indu, is noteworthy, and their chemistry on screen is palpable. Amol Palekar as Manoj’s narrow-minded and selfish uncle Sudhakar Batra is also impressive.

Gulmohar Movie Review

A Beautiful Soundtrack and Heartwarming Moments

Gulmohar’s soundtrack includes memorable melodies like “Dilkash,” “Sapno Ke Pakhi,” and “Woh Ghar.” “Hori Mein,” the festival song, is also well-shot and deserves recognition. Although the movie loses pace in a few places, it remains interesting throughout.

It’s full of heartbreaking yet heartwarming moments that will make you feel all the emotions. Watch Gulmohar to revel in its relatable characters and stories, and get ready to be moved. Who knows, you might even shed a tear or two, but we promise it’ll be worth it.

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