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You Season 4 Part 2 Review: Joe Goldberg Confronts His Demons

Get ready to be shook, folks! The latest season of Netflix You is back and it’s better than ever! Penn Badgley’s Joe Goldberg is back and this time, he’s confronting his past actions and it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Now, we all know Joe has done some pretty messed up stuff like stalking, kidnapping, and murdering, but the show’s creators have never tried to make excuses for his behavior. And thank goodness, they’re not about to start now! In fact, this season’s episodes are jam-packed with exciting twists and turns, but it’s also got a lot more emotional depth than previous seasons.

Joe is forced to come face-to-face with the consequences of his actions as he faces off against his biggest enemy yet. And while there are a few pacing issues (let’s be real, the finale was a bit too long), the show manages to pull off an epic storytelling feat.

And who’s the main reason for this triumph, you may ask? None other than Badgley himself, who gives a performance that’s both grounded and spine-chilling. This season is definitely You’s best since season one and we couldn’t be happier! So get ready to binge-watch, folks, because this season of You is one wild ride!

You Season 4 Part 2 Review Joe Goldberg Confronts His Demons

Netflix YOU CAST

  • Penn Badgley – Joe Goldberg
  • Victoria Pedretti – Love Quinn
  • Ambyr Childers – Candace Stone
  • Elizabeth Lail – Guinevere Beck
  • Tati Gabrielle – Marienne Bellamy
  • James Scully – Forty Quinn

Joe Goldberg’s London Adventure Takes a Sinister Turn in You Season 4, Part 2

Hold onto your hats, folks, because the gang’s all back in You’s latest season! With a killer cast of writers like Greg Berlanti and Caroline Kepnes, You is serving up some serious thrills and chills.

The first half of season four may have been a bit of a slow burn, but things really heat up in the second half! Joe, now going by Jonathan Moore, is trying to turn over a new leaf and leave his murderous past behind. But when he moves to London and gets involved with the city’s elite, things quickly take a dark turn. With an anonymous killer framing Joe for their crimes, it’s a race against time to clear his name and stay alive.

Sure, You may have changed things up a bit with a new location and format, but it’s still the same old addictive show we all know and love. With twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat, this season of You is not to be missed. So grab some snacks and get ready for a wild ride!

Murder, Mayhem, and More: You Season 4, Part 2 Delivers the Thrills

Get ready, You fans, because part two of season four is a wild ride! When we last left off, Joe had moved to London and was trying to start a murder-free life. But, as we all know, Joe just can’t help himself. He gets mixed up with the U.K. elite and becomes the target of an anonymous serial killer who frames him for the murders of his wealthy pals.

But things really heat up in part two when mayoral candidate Rhys Montrose is revealed to be both Joe’s stalker and the “Eat the Rich” killer. And guess what? He wants to team up with Joe! Cue the ominous music.

Meanwhile, Joe’s marriage to Love was toxic and dangerous, but at least it was born out of a twisted feeling of belonging. Rhys, on the other hand, is far more sinister and challenging, using his knowledge of Joe’s skills to up the ante.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Kate’s dad Tom finally shows up in town. Greg Kinnear plays the affluent and all-knowing father with perfection, making Joe’s predicament even worse.

Episode eight, directed by Rachel Leiterman, is the riskiest and most rewarding yet, as we get to witness Joe in the midst of major reveals. We learn what Marienne has been up to, what Rhys is planning, and who else finds out about it all. Trust us, it’s a bonkers episode you won’t want to miss!

You Season 4 Part 2 Review Joe Goldberg Confronts His Demons

Joe Goldberg’s Worst Nightmare: You Season 4, Part 2 Introduces a New Villain

Okay, so we’re talking about “You” season four. And let me tell you, Speleers may not be a Pedretti (who’s a total scene-stealer), but he still manages to hold his own against Badgley’s Joe. In fact, he brings out a darker side of Rhys that’s downright ominous.

Meanwhile, Nadia (played by Amy-Leigh Hickman) is all about making shocking discoveries. She’s Joe’s student, and boy, does she find out some juicy stuff about her professor in part two.

Lady Phoebe (Tilly Keeper) and Adam (Lukas Gage) get some more screentime, too. Keeper really shines as her character’s relationship with Adam is explored further. All these subplots are great, but let’s be real – the second half of season four is all about Joe.

He’s struggling with his mental health, and Rhys isn’t exactly helping matters. Their dynamic is absolutely frenzied, and it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Netflix You Season 4 Part 2 Focuses On The Joe Goldberg

What’s interesting, though, is the way the show delves into Joe’s past and the trauma he’s experienced. It’s painful to watch as he continues to hurt those around him – the list of women he’s hurt only grows as the season progresses.

The question of whether or not Joe can be redeemed is still up in the air, but the show’s creators know exactly what they’re doing. And let me tell you, the last five episodes of the season are absolutely wild.

So there you have it, folks – “You” season four in a nutshell. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn and settle in for a wild ride. The final episodes dropped on Netflix on March 9th, so there’s no better time to start binging.

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