Sui Primeshots Web Series Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

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Primeshots app released the trailer of upcoming Sui Primeshots web series. The web series presented to the audience as a sci-fi thriller that involves occult and dark magic. A man trying to work his marriage as his wife has no interest in him. The situation went wrong and he had to face severe consequences.

Sui Primeshots web series managed to ensemble the interesting cast that include Sarv Kumar and Alendra. However, Primeshots made a huge fanbase by offering story driven web series with multiple stars.

Sui Primeshots Web Series Story

Primeshots web series Sui focuses on a husband trying to work on his marriage. He took the occult route to solve the problem of his wife not interested in the romantic session with him. To find out what happens, viewers can watch the Sui web series on the Primeshots app, which releases a new web series every week on its OTT platform.

You can watch online Sui web series all episodes on Primeshots App. Previously, Primeshots App released Thappa web series featuring Armaan Sandhu and Pallavi Debnath in key roles.

Sui Primeshots Web Series Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Sui Web Series Cast

  • Alendra
  • Sarv Kumar

Primeshots’s Sui Web Series Wiki

GenreDrama, Romance, Fantasy
OTT PlatformPrimeshots Originals App
Release date12 March 2023
Budget20 lakh rupees Approx.
Number of episodesEpisode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3
Episode Runtime25 Minutes
DirectorPunit (P.G)

Sui Primeshots Web Series Release Date

The Sui web series, which includes episodes 1, 2, and 3, will be released on March 12, 2023 and will be available exclusively on the Primeshots app. Each episode ranges in length from 25-30 minutes, and is available in various languages such as Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil.

Sui Primeshots Web Series Cast, Release Date, Watch Online

Watch Sui Primeshots Web Series Free Online All Episodes

To watch the series, viewers can access the Primeshots app which offers both monthly and yearly subscriptions and with a subscription, viewers can enjoy all web series on the platform for free.

Primeshots app creators have taken the leap of faith and coming with fresh faces for their new web series. It would be amazing to see Primeshots app keep introducing fresh faces constantly in Primeshots web series. Also, they are coming with another exciting story that uses the elements of sci-fi and occult to save relationships.

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