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Joe Goldberg’s Kill Count Is 18 in “Netflix You”

Joe Goldberg is a complex character that has fascinated and horrified audiences. His progression throughout the four seasons of the show “You” has shown him to be a danger to society.

His actions, which include stalking, obsession, and murder, are motivated by his desire to find love and happiness. However, his methods are both ruthless and deadly, resulting in numerous victims throughout the series.

Flashback Killings

Joe’s Mom’s Boyfriend – Joe’s first known killing was committed during his childhood. He killed his father while protecting his mother, a revelation made in season two.

Elijah – Although not a character that viewers are properly introduced to, Joe killed Elijah, who Candice was cheating on him with.

Joe Goldberg Kills In Netflix You Season 1

Benji – Joe’s first kill in the series was Benji, whom he killed by locking him in the basement of the bookstore and then drowning him in a tank of water.

Peach Salinger – Joe killed Peach after she attempted to interfere in his relationship with Beck. He shot her in the head and then made it look like a suicide.

Ron – Ron was an abusive stepfather to Paco, a young boy that Joe had taken under his wing. Joe killed Ron by hitting him with a hammer.

Guinevere Beck – Beck was Joe’s girlfriend in season one. When he realized that she was not the person he had imagined her to be, he killed her by hitting her with a mallet and then burning her body.

Joe Goldberg Kills In Netflix You Season 2

Jasper – In season two, Joe’s first known killing was the person that the real Will Blenheim owed money to. He killed him to protect his identity.

Henderson – The second person Joe killed was Henderson, a famous comedian who was assaulting young girls. Joe killed him out of protection for Ellie, similarly to how he acted to protect Paco in the first season.

Delilah and Candice’s deaths were not carried out by Joe directly, but rather by Love in her deranged and psychotic state.

Joe Goldberg Kills In Netflix You Season 3

Marianne’s Ex-Husband – In season three, Joe carried out his first killing in the name of love once again. He killed Marianne’s toxic ex-boyfriend to protect the new person he loved.

Love Quinn – The final killing in season three was none other than Love Quinn. In a twisted turn of events, Joe tricked her into believing that the poison had worked on him when in reality, he had taken an antidote beforehand, making the poison ineffective. He then poisoned Love instead, marking an end to the person closest to matching Joe’s psychotic and obsessive nature.

Joe Goldberg’s Kill Count in “Netflix You” Explained
Infographic of Joe Goldberg’s Kill counts throughout Netflix You

Joe Goldberg Kills In Netflix You Season 4

Joe Goldberg’s character has developed into a danger to society, as he obsesses, stalks, and kills to get the love he feels he deserves. In season four of the show, we saw the largest number of kills Joe has ever committed in an entire season.

Malcolm – Joe’s first kill in season four was Malcolm, whom he killed after he spoke ill of Marianne, a woman Joe was still in love with.

Simon – Next, Joe killed Simon, an art dealer who exploited less fortunate artists. Joe related to these artists and felt that Simon was taking advantage of them.

Vic – Joe then killed Vic, Phoebe’s bodyguard who had become suspicious of his actions.

Gemma – Joe killed Gemma because she was becoming too nosy and had started to suspect that Joe was involved in the deaths of those around him.

Rhys Montrose – After Gemma, Joe killed the real-life Rhys Montrose, a man he believed had Marion locked up in a cage somewhere. It turned out to be a delusion, but it led to Rhys Montrose’s death.

Hugo – Joe Goldberg has to kill Hugo, the bodyguard of Tom Lockwood as he approached the crime scene in a rush.

Tom Lockwood – Joe killed Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood, after he revealed that he was the reason behind Kate’s success.

Edward – Finally, Joe killed Edward, a student who was helping Nadia snoop around Joe’s apartment. Joe killed him to frame Nadia and get her arrested, thus keeping her quiet about what she had found.

Joe’s Total Kill Count: In total, Joe killed 18 people over the course of four seasons.

Joe’s kill count is extensive, and Love Quinn also has a number of kills with six people dead. While the show has yet to depict Joe getting caught, in real life, he would be all over the news eventually. As fans wait for the next season, it remains to be seen who Joe and Love will kill next.

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