Watch Online Samay Yaatra Primeplay Web Series All Episodes

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Samay Yaatra web series watch online all episodes on the official Primeplay app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics. The comedy-drama series has released first 3 episodes on 14 April 2022. Earlier, fans loved previous Primeplay web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances. 

Samay Yaatra web series cast Aishwarya Agrawal, Madhuri, Rit, among others in the lead roles. Samay Yaatra web series consists of 5-6 episodes of 25-30 minutes each.

You can watch online Samay Yaatra web series all episodes on Primeplay App. Previously, Primeplay App released Vasu web series featuring Riddhima Tiwari, Mahi Khan, Rajsi Verma in key roles.

Watch Online Samay Yaatra Primeplay Web Series All Episodes

Samay Yaatra Web Series Cast

  • Gaurav Sinha
  • Shvanshu
  • Rajan
  • Madhuri
  • Pihu
  • Aishwarya Agrawal
  • Sapna
  • Rit
  • Piya
  • Hema

Samay Yaatra Web Series Story

The Samay Yaatra web series episode 1 starts with the young man trying to understand the book about time traveling in an occult way. He was interrupted by his mother who asked him to look after his sisters in the absence of them.  

The mother left home with her sister while the brother and sisters are home alone. The protagonist starts doing what men are supposed to do during home alone, he was again interrupted by his sisters. However, both the girls were understanding and didn’t talk much of against it.

Watch Online Samay Yaatra Primeplay Web Series All Episodes

Samay Yaatra web series episode 2 further shows the college life and the problems of all the lead. The college understands that man is double dating with two girls who are nothing but the sisters of the boy. Also, girls were failing to get any dates in the college as well.

The girls decided to form relationship with their own brothers. They finally asked him and he didn’t deny at all. We get to see two back to back interesting romantic sequences in the Primeplay Samay Yaatra web series episode 2.

Samay Yaatra web series episode 3 showcased boy finally deciding to time travel to know about his father. Back in 1992, creators have shown us aesthetics and a neat Bengali family who have cravings for each other in a very similar fashion.

Samay Yaatra web series has released 3 episodes, in which Samay Yaatra web series episode 2 is the best featuring Aishwarya Agrawal and Madhuri in captivating avatars with their male co-actor. Primeplay promises to bring all new exciting web series similar to Samay Yaatra. 

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