Watch Online Dosti Primeplay Web Series All Episodes In HD

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Primeplay app is getting popularity day by day with their interesting and engaging web series lineups. They keep releasing couple of episodes of a web series every week. The new Primeplay web series in the list is titled Dosti starring stunning cast that include Tarakesh Chauhan, Rani Pari, among others.

You can watch online Dosti web series all episodes in HD print on Primeplay official app. Earlier they have released Nadaan web series starring Khushi Mukherjee in the lead role. The web series got huge response from fans as they keep asking for the season 2 with the same cast.

Here, know more about upcoming Primeplay web series, and insight about the Dosti Primeplay web series details that include cast, performances, reviews, story, plot, and detailed analysis.

Watch Online Dosti Primeplay Web Series All Episodes In HD

Dosti Primeplay web Series Cast

  • Amar Hotwani
  • Bhawesh
  • Tarakesh Chauhan
  • Priyanka Chaurasia
  • Rani Pari
  • Hema
  • Sapna
  • Aparna

Dosti Primeplay Web Series Story

Certainly, it is one of the Primeplay most mediocre works yet. Dosti web series showcased the friendship of two people where one friend volunteer to spent a night with other friend’s wife just to save the marriage.

Watch Online Dosti Primeplay Web Series All Episodes In HD

In Dosti Primeplay web series episode 4, story shifts from friends to spinster Bua in the house. She keeps craving and dreaming about having a night with servant (Tarakesh Chauhan). They ended up having another visually satisfying scenes from the Primeplay series.

Later, she went to drink water at the night and saw the whole swapping thing. Next morning, she confronted Rani Pari in the kitchen where she justifies her situation by stating that women have cravings. She is not cheating on her husband as they are mutually agreeing on this swap thing.

In Dosti Primeplay Web Series episode 5, Bua agreed and decided to get herself pleasures as well. She lied on the bed where Rani Pari was supposed to lied and took advantage of that friend who came to satisfy Rani Pari.

The final scene is as expected a three-way romance. However, they tangled the stories to complete the arc where both friends decided to pleasure the guest wife. The scene is beautifully shot and aesthetically pleasing as well.

Primeplay app has already announced another web series titled Tuition Teacher with the fresh faces. Watch online all the Primeplay app web series as they all are binge-worthy.

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