Watch Online Malamaal Primeplay Web Series All Episodes

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Malamaal web series watch online on the official Primeplay app. The web series got a good response from fans and critics for its presentation like other Primeplay series. The murder-mystery series released its first 4 episodes on 19 May 2023.

Earlier, fans loved previous Primeplay web series for their engaging storytelling and captivating performances. Malamaal web series cast Aayushi Jaiswal, Bharti Jha, and Shyna Khatri in the lead roles. Malamaal web series consists of 5-6 episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

You can watch online Malamaal web series all episodes on Primeplay App. Previously, Primeplay App released the Vasu web series featuring Riddhima Tiwari, Mahi Khan, and Rajsi Verma in key roles.

Watch Online Malamaal Primeplay Web Series All Episodes
Shyna Khatri from the Malamaal Primeplay web series

Malamaal Web Series Cast

  • Sarita
  • Anshuman
  • Shyna Khatri
  • Ravi
  • Dev Dehman
  • Bharti Jha
  • Ayushi Jaiswal

Primeplay’s Malamaal Web Series Story

Malamaal Primeplay web series episode 1 starts with all three ladies of the house (Shyna Khatri, Aayushi Jaiswal, and Bharti Jha) decorating the home to surprise their mother for her Birthday. When they went to wake her up, they found her dead.

The very next shot introduced the family lawyer who came up with the will. Malamaal web series becomes a murder mystery when the mother announced that one of the family members is the killer and whoever finds the killer within a week would inherit all the property.

The very first scene shows Shyna Khatri luring her husband in order to find out whether he is involved in the murder. He accidentally revealed that he used to sleep with her stepmother.

Watch Online Malamaal Primeplay Web Series All EpisodesWatch Online Malamaal Primeplay Web Series All Episodes
Sarita from the Malamaal Primeplay web series

Malamaal web series episode 2 showed the flashback of Shyna’s husband sleeping with his stepmother. While other family members are doubting each other for this massive murder mystery. In the next episode, we see Bharti Jha getting cozy with her husband as she doubts him for being the murderer of her mother.

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In the Malamaal web series episode 4, Shyna Khatri found some old clothes and jewelry of her deceased mother-in-law. She tried it mimicking the popular horror flick ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’. She got interrupted by Bharti Jha’s husband who flirted with her and revealed he used to sleep with his mother also.

Malamaal web series has released four episodes, of which Malamaal web series episode 3 is the best featuring Bharti Jha and Shyna Khatri in her most captivating avatar. Primeplay promises to bring another exciting web series the next week titled Malamaal web series.

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