Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Review, Cast, Release Date

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One of the most popular web series of recent times is “Gubbare Wali,” available on the Hunt Cinema Original App. The trailer for the Gubbare Wali web series has been released on YouTube, generating immense enthusiasm among the viewers.

It stands out from other web series and promises to be highly intriguing and captivating. Audiences are eagerly anticipating the unique portrayal of Jaya Pandey, Pallavi Debnath, Hiral Radadiya, and Neha Gupta, which is sure to be well-received.

The Hunt Cinema App is renowned for its bold and romantic content on its platform. It is well-known that the new generation has a strong inclination towards web series, whether they be action thrillers or romantic dramas. People appreciate web series as they are presented in a shorter format, allowing them to enjoy a complete story in less time.

Today, I will provide a comprehensive review of the “Gubbare Wali” web series. Let’s delve into the details, including the cast, story, release date, and where to watch it online. You will find all the necessary information about this intriguing web series here.

Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Review, Cast, Release Date
Jaya Pandey from Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series

Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Info

Series Name Gubbare Wali  
Genre Romance / Darma 
Lead Cast Hiral Radadiya
Neha Gupta
Pallavi Debnath
Jay Pandey 
Total Episode 3 / 4
Language Hindi, English, 
Release date 26 May 2023
Ott Platform Hunt Cinema App 

Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Cast Name 

Know about the complete actress and actors of Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series.

  • Hiral Radadiya
  • Neha Gupta
  • Jaya Pandey
  • Pallavi Debnath
  • Gaurav Singh Rajput

Gubbare Wali” is an Indian web series available on Hunt Cinema. The main characters in Gubbare Wali web series are Hiral Radadiya, Jaya Pandey, Pallavi Debnath, and Neha Gupta, along with several other talented actors and actresses.

“Gubbare Wali” is set to be an incredibly intriguing web series, exceeding the audience’s expectations with its bold and captivating scenes. However, it is important to note that this web series is intended for viewers above the age of 18.

Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Story

The story of “Gubbare Wali” revolves around romance and boldness, filled with suspense and unexpected twists. This web series promises to entertain viewers to a great extent. The collaboration of these two actresses in the web series will double the fun and excitement.

The true essence of the web series will only be revealed once it is watched. Whether you are a fan of social commentary or simply seeking something fresh to watch, “Gubbare Wali” is certain to satisfy your desires. The release date of the web series is announced by the OTT platform.

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Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Release date

Release Date: “Gubbare Wali” will be available to watch online on the Hunt Cinema website and official app on May 26, 2023, ensuring convenient access for viewers. This news is sure to bring joy to the audience.

The actors in this web series have delivered outstanding performances. Each web series offered by the Hunt Cinema app guarantees thrills and captivating storytelling. If you are 18 or above, make sure to watch this web series at least once. We hope you enjoy it.

Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Review, Cast, Release Date
Neha Gupta from Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series

Gubbare Wali Hunt Cinema Web Series Watch Online

If you are interested in watching the “Gubbare Wali” web series on the Hunt Cinema platform, here’s how you can access all the episodes.

Hunt Cinema offers cost-effective plans that allow viewers to enjoy a wide range of high-quality web series at affordable prices. Their cheapest plan starts at just ₹89 for a duration of 15 days, providing great value for money.

Let’s take a look at the available plans on the Hunt Cinema OTT platform:

Unlimited Screening for ₹159 for 2 months

Unlimited Screening for ₹249 for 4 months

Unlimited Screening for ₹399 for 1 year

By subscribing to the Hunt Cinema OTT platform, you will gain access to watch all the episodes of the “Gubbare Wali” web series. Additionally, you can explore and enjoy other top-notch web series available on the Hunt Cinema platform. To avail of the Hunt Cinema app plan,  Click here.


We have provided this information to raise awareness and ensure your informed decision-making. We have not shared any download links for the web series, and our website does not endorse any legal websites. Please avoid visiting illegitimate websites that claim to offer web series download links. To watch the web series, visit its original platform and enjoy it from there.

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