Watch Online Sahara Hunters Web Series All Episodes In HD

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Hunters app continues to entertain the audience with its raunchy web series. This time, they come up with another exciting web series titled Sahara on their official Hunters app. Sahara web series focuses on the complex uncle-niece relationship where they decided to get married in a new city after the sudden demise of the uncle’s wife.

Hunters app has released the Sahara web series in two parts. Part 2 of the Sahara web series contains 3 episodes of 20-25 minutes each. Also, the Sahara Hunters web series cast includes Kaira Shehgel, Teena, Jaya, and Kamal Krishna in key roles.

Watch Online Sahara Hunters Web Series All Episodes In HD

Sahara Web Series Release Date

Hunters app is enjoying huge success with its classy list of web series. Fans are loving and even wait for the next release every Wednesday. The recent release is the Sahara web series which is streaming on the official Hunters app OTT platform from June 7, 2023.

We have curated the complete list of Hunters web series with actress’s name and their photos. The article will soon be available on the EkSukoon app for readers.

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Sahara Hunters Web Series Cast

  • Kamal Krishna as Ranjit
  • Manish as Jaggy
  • Teena as Sana
  • Kaira Shehgel as Lavlin
  • Jaya as Simran
  • Rupesh as Kuldeep

Hunters’ Sahara Web Series Story

Sahara Hunters web series episode 5 is the continuation of the uncle-niece relationship where they try to hide it from the guest of their previous life. However, the urges are hard to resist and they decided to explore their relationship anyway.

Watch Online Sahara Hunters Web Series All Episodes In HD

The episode ended as the new uncle found out about the newly-form relationship between uncle and niece. He threatened them to give him a share to shut his mouth around the people. While the demand is to have a romantic session with Sana (Teena), it grew further.

Sahara web series episode 6 shows Kaira Shehgel going to ask her sister for help. She agreed to the romantic session with Jaggi’s uncle as she was already hiding their house secrets. However, Jaggi’s uncle has some other plans when he drags Lavlin into the romantic session as well.

We get to see another exciting three-way romance between two sisters and an uncle. The episode ended giving us the shot of crying Kamal Krishna after hearing noises from his bedroom.

Sahara Hunters web series episode 7 brings an interesting conclusion to the series where Kamal Krishna went to console Sana. However, he got mesmerized by the beauty of his younger sister as well and asked her to be his sister-in-law as well.

While they locked their lips, his niece/wife entered the room. Without any drama, they all agreed to live together as a family of 3 and share all types of relationships with each other.

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