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Ullu app continues to entertain audiences with its raunchy web series. This time, they come up with another exciting web series titled Khalish Part 3 on their official Ullu app. Khalish Part 3 web series focuses on the complex Saas Bahu relationship where Bahu (Aliya Naaz) helps her Saas (Priya Gamre) to form a relationship with her neighbor.

Ullu app has released the Khalish web series in three parts. Part 3 of the Khalish web series contains 3 episodes of 20-25 minutes each. Also, Khalish Part 3 cast includes Aliya Naaz, Priya Gamre, Ayushi Bhowmick, and Bhanu Suryam in key roles.

Khalish Part 3 Web Series Release Date

Ullu app is enjoying huge success with its classy list of web series. Fans are loving and even wait for the next release every Friday. The recent release is Khalish Part 3 web series which is streaming on the official Ullu app OTT platform from June 2, 2023.

We have curated the complete list of the Ullu web series with the actress’s name and photos. The article will soon be available on the EkSukoon app for readers.

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Khalish Part 3 Web Series Cast

  • Priya Gamre as Saas
  • Aliya Naaz as Daughter-in-law
  • Bhanu Suryam as Son
  • Abraham as Chacha
  • Ayushi Bhowmick as Chachi
  • Lucky Saini as Neighbour

Ullu’s Khalish Part 3 Web Series Story

Khalish Part 3 web series episode 1 is the continuation of the Saas Bahu drama where Aliya Naaz formed a sure shot plan to trap the neighbor for her Saas (Priya Gamre). Meanwhile, Priya Gamre gets various wet dreams about being in a relationship with her neighbor.

Khalish Part 3 web series episode 2 further established the unsatisfactory relationship of Aliya Naaz with her husband Bhanu Suryam. We see the couple decided to stop their session abruptly as Aliya Naaz didn’t feel a thing for her husband.

Khalish Part 3 web series heavily focuses on Priya Gamre and her wet dreams about the neighbors. In addition to this, Ayushi Bhowmick is also playing a prominent character in the web series. However, Ayushi Bhowmick barely features in a single scene in part 3 of the Khalish web series.

Khalish Part 3 web series episode 3 brings an interesting twist Aliya Naaz tries to lure the neighbor to herself. When Priya Gamre enquires, she stated that it is part of a bigger plan. Khalish part 3 web series will release next Friday that brings the climax with Priya Gamre having it all.

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