Making Dance Moves Better with Movies

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Is dancing something you enjoy as well? If you do, you will enjoy reading this post then. Creating moving art with grace and strength is what dance is all about. Besides being a great way to pass time, it has major health benefits as well. Because it raises your heart rate and breathing and increases cardiovascular endurance. The body becomes accustomed to such stress after repeated practice. In addition to that, it provides a more comprehensive workout that benefits a greater number of muscles. Runners and cyclists often neglect the smaller muscles that dance can help strengthen. You should not do that though. 

There are both competitive and social aspects to dancing. Anyone of any age can participate, making it an excellent recreational and sporting activity. Dancing can be done indoors in any weather, whether it is cold or rainy.

Depending on the type of dancing you want to do, you will need different types of gear. Tap dancing, for instance, requires tap shoes, but many other types of dances don’t require special gear. Find a dance school in your local area and enroll in a class based on the style you enjoy or would like to try. Or you can simply watch dance videos online and learn a great deal. Just make sure to have a reliable internet connection with which you would not have to worry about exceeding data limits, such as Spectrum. Additionally, you can watch dance movies to get a better grip on it, and that is by far our favorite solution. If you also find it interesting, read the list of movies below that we have compiled for you. 

Dance With Me

The 1998 American drama dance film Dance with Me was directed by Randa Haines. Chayanne plays Rafael Infante in the movie, a Cuban orphan looking for a new start in the US. Having known Rafael’s mother for years, dance instructor John Burnett invites him to work at His Excelsior studio in Houston, Texas. Rafael quickly became a favorite of the studio’s patrons despite signing on as a handyman. 

Yes, there are some lags in the storyline, however, the dancing in this movie is a highlight that you would not want to miss. Especially, the ballroom dance contest at the end of the movie is worth watching. If you are looking for inspiration to start ballroom dancing lessons, Williams’ Samba in the movie will do the job for you. 

Dance With Me Movie Scene
A still from Dance With Me (1998)

Dirty Dancing

It’s a summer camp dance movie starring Jennifer Grey as a sweet, daddy’s girl falling in love with Patrick Swayze who happens to be her summer camp dance instructor. Rather than being something completely made up, Dirty Dancing is at least partly based on real-life events. It’s one of the reasons we enjoy the movie so much.

In fact, Eleanor Bergstein, who wrote the film and was nicknamed ‘Baby’ when she was young, competed in ‘Dirty Dancing’ competitions during her summer breaks! Unbelievable, right? 

Dirty Dancing may have some of the greatest romantic moments of all time not only because of its incredible dancing and plot but also because some of its most famous scenes were performed spontaneously by the amazing lead actors. 

dirty-dancing-movie scenese
A still from Dirty Dancing (1987)

Take the Lead

This 2006 drama dance film stars Antonio Banderas as dance instructor Pierre Dulaine and is directed by Liz Friedlander. The film tells the story of Brazilian ballroom dancing teacher Pierre who begins teaching troubled high school students. In the beginning, the principal looks flinty, but as he gets to know him more, he embraces him with warmth. Although the teacher initially attempts to “express themselves” through dance with his students in the detention hall, they disapprove of his romantic oldies music. 

However, with time they eventually realize that he is dedicated, and that he will do a great job with the students. His dream becomes a reality when Morgan, one of his upscale students, demonstrates the proper way to do the tango. After a lot of hardships and trouble, they finally participate and win a dance contest. The important point here is not that they won the competition; it is that no matter what happens you try and make a difference, which is beautifully portrayed in this movie. 

take-the-lead movie scene
A still from Take The Lead (2006)

Billy Elliot

The story centers around 11-year-old Billy Elliot’s dream to become a professional ballet dancer. What is the struggle here? Well, for one, just like most parents are, his father and brother disapprove of Billy taking lessons. Does he stop? Not really! He then plans to hide it from them. 

Apposite Billy is Quinn who happens to be in the same room as him. Her mother, too, disapproves of her schoolwork, believing she should just concentrate on her studies. What happens next? Well, long story short, the parents eventually realize they were wrong and that they should support their children’s dreams. So, that is a happy ending.

Billy_Elliot-movie scene
A Still from Billy Elliot Movie (2000)

Wrapping Up

Dancing is a great activity to have fun while burning some calories at the same time. And if you want to learn to dance in a fun way, make sure to watch the movies mentioned in this post. We guarantee that you will love each one of them. 

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