Esha Gupta Flaunts Tiny Bikini Bottom To Promote Khelraja Betting App

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Esha Gupta, the stunning Bollywood actress, is known for her alluring social media presence, often captivating her followers with mesmerizing vacation pictures.

However, her recent promotion for the Khelraja Betting App took the internet by storm as she daringly donned a tiny bikini bottom that barely covered her private parts. This unique approach to grabbing attention raised eyebrows and garnered significant eyeballs for the app.

Esha Gupta’s Instagram Strategy

As an influential figure in the entertainment industry, Esha Gupta understands the importance of maintaining a strong online presence. Over the years, she has amassed a substantial following on various social media platforms, which she leverages to connect with her fans.

One of her key strategies is to share snippets of her glamorous life, especially during vacations. Esha’s exotic vacation pictures have consistently been successful in captivating her audience, making her an influencer of choice for numerous brands.

The Khelraja Betting App Collaboration

In the competitive world of online betting and gaming, brands are continuously seeking innovative ways to capture the attention of potential users. Collaborating with popular celebrities is a common marketing strategy, and Esha Gupta’s partnership with Khelraja is a testament to its effectiveness. The actress was roped in to promote the app through her social media handles, sparking curiosity among her followers.

Esha Gupta Flaunts Tiny Bikini Bottom To Promote Khelraja Betting App
Esha Gupta Instagram

Esha Gupta Tiny Thong Controversy

In a bid to further amplify the promotion, Esha Gupta decided to push the boundaries of traditional marketing norms. In one of her posts, she boldly posed in a tiny thong bikini bottom, which created a sensation on the internet. The daring move attracted significant attention, and the post quickly went viral.

While some lauded her for being bold and confident, others criticized the tactic as being too provocative and inappropriate. Nevertheless, the marketing strategy achieved its primary goal: drawing attention to the Khelraja Betting App. The controversy around the promotional post ignited discussions both online and offline, which ultimately led to increased brand visibility.

Impact and Response From Esha Gupta Flaunting Tiny Bikini Bottom

The impact of Esha Gupta’s promotion for Khelraja was undeniable. The app’s download rates skyrocketed during the period of her campaign, reaching a broader audience.

The controversy surrounding the promotional post sparked debates on the boundaries of ethics and decency in advertising, drawing attention not only to the brand but also to the broader issue of responsible marketing.


Esha Gupta’s collaboration with the Khelraja Betting App showcased a unique and attention-grabbing approach to marketing. Her strategic use of vacation pictures has always been a powerful tool to engage her audience, and the addition of the tiny thong bikini post took her promotional efforts to a whole new level. While sparking controversy and debate, it undeniably achieved its intended purpose of garnering widespread attention for the betting app.

The success of this campaign highlights the importance of creativity and innovation in modern marketing strategies. However, it also raises questions about the responsibility of celebrities and brands when using provocative content to promote their products.

As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, the Esha Gupta-Khelraja partnership will undoubtedly be remembered as a noteworthy moment in the world of celebrity endorsements and online advertising.

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