Ilaaj Part 1 Primeplay Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

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Ilaaj Part 1 Web Series Watch Online: Primeplay App’s new series titled ‘Ilaaj Part 1’ has been released on 28th July 2023 on the Primeplay app. Here are the details about the Ilaaj Part 1 cast, release date, actress name, and watch online option for the web series.

Primeplay is certainly the best Indian OTT app with a variety of content in all different genres. The Ilaaj Part 1 web series is a twisted tale of a relationship that shows how a hospital facility is using unconventional methods to treat patients. Primeplay again proved that they have the best stories that connect with mass.

Earlier, they released many web series across the genre such as Shuddhikaran, Pehredaar, Paglet, Ghar Ka Call Boy, Naqaab, Malamaal, Tuition Teacher, etc. This new series ‘Ilaaj Part 1’ is another one on the list.

Ilaaj Part 1 Primeplay Web Series Watch Online All Episodes
Kamalika Chanda from Ilaaj Part 1 Web Series

Ilaaj Part 1 Web Series Cast

Ilaaj Part 1 Web Series Details & Story

The web series cast Kamalika Chanda and Malvika Tomar as the main lead. Their story runs parallel to each other as Malvika Tomar is a nurse at the hospital who pleases patients with her unique services. Kamalika Chanda meanwhile plays the teacher who has dozens of interns having medical practices under her guidance.

The synopsis of the story reads, “A unique web series sets in the hospital premise to fulfill the fantasies. Doctors in the hospital have a unique approach to treating patients that don’t involve medicines but physical therapy.”

Ilaaj Part 1 Primeplay Web Series Watch Online All Episodes

Where To Watch Online Ilaaj Part 1 Web Series

The web series has been released on the Primeplay app and website for subscribed users from Midnight on 28th July 2023.

The series is originally in the Hindi language to cater to the North Indian audience who love to see engaging thriller web series with roleplay plotlines. Users with a subscription to the Primeplay app can watch and download the web series for free.

In the web series, Malvika Tomar and Kamalika Chanda both have given stunning performances making it one of the most loved web series.

The trailer got a good response from audiences as everyone loves to see Kamalika Chanda and Malvika Tomar together in the web series. It will be interesting to see how this Ilaaj Part 1 web series performs for the Primeplay app. Malvika Tomar was last seen in the Hunters web series Khiladi Bhaiya, and will also feature in the Maalik web series on the Besharams app.

This was all about the Ilaaj Part 1 web series. Watch Online the full series On the Primeplay app, what are your thoughts about the series? Please drop your opinion in the comments.

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