Euphoria Star Angus Cloud Passes Away at 25, Struggling to Cope with Father’s Loss

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In a tragic turn of events, the entertainment industry mourns the loss of talented actor Angus Cloud, known for his remarkable portrayal of Fezco in the hit HBO series Euphoria.

Angus, aged only 25, passed away under heartrending circumstances, just one week after burying his beloved father. Though the exact cause of death remains unclear, it appears that the weight of his father’s departure became an unbearable burden for the young actor.

Angus and his father shared an unbreakable bond, and their friendship was one of a kind. The family, in their statement, revealed that the loss of his father had a profound impact on Angus, making it difficult for him to cope. Their consolation lies in the belief that he is now reunited with his father, his dearest companion.

The family’s statement acknowledged Angus’s openness about his mental health struggles, which he had spoken about publicly. They hope that his passing serves as a poignant reminder to others facing similar challenges that they are not alone and should seek help and support, breaking the silence around mental health battles.

Angus Cloud Euphoria

During his time on Euphoria, Angus Cloud became a beloved figure and a pop culture icon, endearing himself to audiences through his outstanding talent and dedication to his craft. His portrayal of Fezco won the hearts of fans, who admired his authenticity and vulnerability on screen.

As news of Angus’s untimely demise spread, heartfelt condolences poured in from the show’s creators, cast, and fans alike. The official Euphoria Twitter account (@euphoriaHBO) extended their sympathies to Angus’s family, acknowledging his immense talent and expressing the deep loss felt by the Euphoria family.

The circumstances surrounding Angus Cloud’s passing have been subject to speculation. TMZ later reported that the Oakland Police and Fire Departments responded to a 911 call from Angus’s mother on Monday morning, indicating a possible overdose. Tragically, Angus was found without a pulse and was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Angus Cloud Cause Of Death, How Did Angus Cloud Die

A source close to the family disclosed that Angus had been battling severe suicidal thoughts after returning from Ireland, where he laid his father to rest. In an attempt to overcome grief, he sought solace with his family but struggled to find the strength to overcome the emotional turmoil.

It is crucial to remember Angus Cloud not only for his impressive talent but also for his courage in being candid about his mental health challenges. The loss of this young actor serves as a stark reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for open conversations about mental well-being.

As we grieve the passing of Angus Cloud, let us remember him for his humor, laughter, and love for all. The family has requested privacy during this difficult time as they come to terms with this devastating loss.

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