Kaira Shehgal To Romance Her Female Co-star In Upcoming Dhokha Web Series (Besharams App)

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The world of OTT entertainment is constantly evolving, and one actress who has been making waves with her bold choices is none other than Kaira Shehgal. With her remarkable talent and fearlessness to break stereotypes, Kaira has emerged as a prominent figure in the local OTT industry.

Having previously collaborated with the Primplay app and Hunters app for “Pehredaar 4” and “Khiladi Bhaiya” web series respectively, Kaira is once again set to challenge conventions by romancing her female co-star in the highly anticipated “Dhokha” web series on Besharams App.

In this article, we explore Kaira Shehgal’s prominence in the OTT landscape and her trailblazing journey in redefining on-screen romance.

Kaira Shehgal’s Rise to Prominence

From her first appearance on the digital platform, Kaira Shehgal captured the hearts of audiences with her exceptional acting skills and magnetic screen presence. With each project, she pushed the boundaries of her craft, fearlessly taking on unconventional roles and breaking stereotypes. Her versatility and dedication to her art have earned her recognition and acclaim in the OTT industry.

Kaira Shehgal To Romance Her Female Co-star In Upcoming Dhokha Web Series (Besharams App)
Kaira Shehgal

Unforgettable Collaborations With Primeplay App and Hunters App

Kaira Shehgal’s journey to prominence began with her collaboration with Primplay app in the critically acclaimed “Pehredaar 4″ web series. Her powerful portrayal of a strong-willed woman navigating through life’s challenges garnered widespread praise.

In “Khiladi Bhaiya” on Hunters app, Kaira showcased her ability to bring depth and emotion to her characters, solidifying her position as a versatile actress.

Pioneering Girl-On-Girl On-Screen Romance

Not one to shy away from unconventional narratives, Kaira Shehgal created waves in the local OTT industry when she previously portrayed a same-s3x romantic relationship in “Sahara” web series on Hunters app.

Her bold approach to romance received appreciation from both audiences and critics, opening doors for more diverse representation in on-screen love stories.

Besharams App New Dhokha Web Series – Challenging Norms

In her latest venture, “Dhokha” web series on Besharams App, Kaira Shehgal headlines and once again delves into a same-s3x romance.

The series promises to be a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. By taking on such a groundbreaking role, Kaira continues to challenge norms and break barriers, advocating for greater representation and acceptance in the OTT landscape.

Kaira Shehgal To Romance Her Female Co-star In Upcoming Dhokha Web Series (Besharams App)
Kaira Shehgal


Kaira Shehgal’s journey in the local OTT industry has been nothing short of extraordinary. From her early collaborations to her pioneering on-screen romance, she has consistently pushed the boundaries and redefined conventional norms.

With “Dhokha” web series, Kaira once again takes on a bold and trailblazing role, highlighting the power of storytelling in challenging societal norms and promoting inclusivity.

As “Dhokha web series” gears up for release on Besharams App, audiences eagerly await another exceptional performance from Kaira Shehgal, cementing her place as a prominent figure in the ever-evolving world of OTT entertainment.

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