Meet SI Swimsuit Cover Model: Yumi Nu, First Plus-Size Model For Vogue Japan

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Discover the incredible journey of Yumi Nu, the multitalented Japanese-Dutch personality who continues to shatter barriers in the fashion industry. From being the first plus-size model on Vogue Japan’s cover to gracing the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Yumi Nu’s career is marked by remarkable achievements and inspiring representation.

Yumi Nu Journey From Music to Modeling

Yumi Nu’s path to success began as a recording artist, and her passion for music led her to release new tracks in the latter part of 2021. However, her aspirations didn’t end there, as she set her sights on entering the world of modeling to challenge stereotypes and promote body positivity.

Yumi Nu on SI Swimsuit cover
Yumi Nu on the Cover of SI Swimsuit 2022 photographed by James Macari in Montenegro

Vogue Japan’s Historical Moment

Yumi Nu’s entry into the modeling world was nothing short of groundbreaking, as she made history by becoming the first plus-size model to grace the cover of Vogue Japan. This milestone marked a significant shift in the industry, celebrating diversity and inclusivity.

Rising Star in SI Swimsuit

Following her debut in the magazine last year, Yumi Nu continued to ascend, leading her to the coveted cover of SI Swimsuit. The 25-year-old exudes confidence and charm as she takes on the responsibility of being a role model for aspiring models and women worldwide.

For the SI Swimsuit cover, Yumi Nu traveled to picturesque Montenegro for a photo shoot with renowned photographer James Macari. Amidst breathtaking views, she donned swimsuits from various brands, capturing the essence of beauty and empowerment.

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A Celebration of Diversity

Yumi Nu shares the spotlight with three other incredible women on this year’s SI Swimsuit cover: Grammy Award-winning singer Ciara, model/author Maye Musk, and pop culture icon Kim Kardashian. Together, they make history by gracing one of the most diverse issues in the magazine’s existence.

SI Swimsuit’s editor-in-chief, MJ Day, highlights the importance of breaking free from societal norms and embracing one’s true self. The cover models, including Yumi Nu, exemplify strength, talent, and sexiness in multiple facets of their lives.

Yumi Nu on SI Swimsuit cover
Yumi Nu was photographed by James Macari in Montenegro. Swimsuit by Riot Swim.

Yumi Nu: An Inspiring Evolution

Yumi Nu’s journey serves as an inspiration to women of all ages and backgrounds. From pursuing a career in music to making her mark in the modeling world, she showcases the power of self-belief and determination.

As the fashion industry evolves to celebrate diversity and authenticity, Yumi Nu stands tall as a symbol of empowerment and beauty, embracing her identity and encouraging others to do the same.

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