10 Marvel Comics That Would Be Better As Movies

MCU has translated many classic stories from comics to screen and churned millions.

Damage Control is an ongoing comic series that parodies office life and features many Marvel superheroes.

Avenger Arena comic follows teen superheroes kidnapped by arcade and puts them into Murderworld where they kill each other to survive.

Punisher: Franken-Castle narrates the story of Punshier after getting killed by Daken. Seems like a plot for Body Horror.

Spider-Punk series follows Hobie Brown protetching Earth-138 from Kraven and Taskmaster.

World War Hulk has been already teased in She-Hulk series. It seems like Marvel listens to fans.

A-Force series is an all-female superteam that include She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Medusa, Nco Minoru, Dazzler, Singularity.

Hulk: The End series depicts the final days of Dr. Banner who gives Hulk complete control of his body.