10 Things Netflix’s The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Got Factually Right

The show is getting raving reviews for its factual accuracy and on-point casting.

Tracy Edward’s escape from Dahmer’s apartment and how he got caught by police.

Jeffrey Dahmer used to wear yellow contact lenses just like Gemini Killer from Exorcist.

Dahmer posed in yearbook photos for the honor society without even attending.

Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized the same day as John Wayne Gacy’s execution.

Victim Impact statements in the Dahmer Series looks like replica of Jeffrey Dahmer trail videos.

Glenda Cleveland’s character is combination of Pamela Bass and Glenda Cleveland.

Jeffrey Dahmer did offer human meat to his neighbour Pamela Bass.

Milwaukee police officers returned a victim back to Dahmer’s apartment.

Dahmer rarely wore his glasses during trial while Dahmer series shows Evan Peters in glasses all the time.