5 Details You Have Missed In House Of The Dragon Episode 7

During Leana’s funeral, Vaemond mentioned the Merlin King who offered Driftwood Throne to House Velaryon.

The episode is set at the High Tide Castle, showing us the largest gathering of dragons.

Fans can at least spot five dragons from the Targaryen and Velaryon families hanging out.

Young Aemond Targaryen claim Vhagar – The Dragon who belongs to Visenya and later Leana Velaryon.

Helaena is a dragon-dreamer who predicted Aemond’s loss on one eye after claiming a dragon.

In the books, Ser Laenor murdered by Qarl, but in the show, he escaped as planned by Daemon and Rhaenyra.

As Rhaenyra gets older and confident, her hair has been more elaborately braided.

The makers did the same thing with Daenerys in the Game Of Thrones.