Black Mirror: 10 Actors Confirmed To Appear In Season 6

Zazie Beets is confirmed to appear in an episode of Season 6. Her role in the Black Mirror is dark and gritty similar to Joker.

Aaron Paul is also confirmed for Black Mirror upcoming season. He is most popular for playing Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.

Kate Mara is popular for Netflix’s House of Cards, will now feature in Black Mirror.

Clara Rugaard is guaranteed to show up in next Black Mirror season. She was also part of Netflix’s sci-fi thriller I Am Mother.

Danny Ramirez popular for Top Gun: Maverick will appear in Black Mirror Season 6.

Josh Hartnett is a big name to include in Black Mirror. The actor is credited for Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down and even in upcoming Oppenheimer.

Paapa Essiedu will also be confirmed to appear in Black Mirror. He did a small role in horror film Men.

Black Mirror cast has been revealed as many actors are joining Black Mirror Season 6.