8 Insane Fan Theories That Might Be Plausible Plot For Brahmastra Series

The character of Guruji is negative in Brahmastra Series which will be explored in Part 2.

Junoon and Shiva are siblings, while Shiva went with mother, Junoon grew up with father.

Scientist and Artist are still alive and will join the fight in Brahmastra Part 3.

Isha also has some mystical powers, not just button to Shiva in the Brahmastra.

The origin of Brahmastra should be taken from the religious scriptures.

Either Ranveer Singh or Hritik Roshan should play the character of Dev opposite Deepika Padukone.

Divyenndu is considered to play the young version of Guruji in Brahmastra Part 2.

Ayan openly confessed planning a spin-off on Scientist character and origin of Vanarastra.