Helene Fischer is a German musician known for her mix of circus acrobatics, sophisticated choreography, and love songs

She has recently been named as one of the highest earning musicians in the world by Forbes Magazine.

In the past year, Fischer has performed 87 shows for 1.3 million fans.

Each of her shows features 110 crew members, 200 kilograms of confetti, and 500 kilograms of pyrotechnics.

Fischer's hit song "Atemlos" stayed in the German charts for 116 weeks

She has recently shared the stage with international superstars like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé

Forbes estimates that Fischer earns approximately 32 million US dollars per year, putting her ahead of Britney Spears who earned 30 million US dollars.

 Fischer's extravagant stage performances often feature outfit changes and props such as a silver heart and a car.

Despite singing mostly in German, Fischer has managed to keep up with international megastars in terms of earnings.

Fischer's success has caused some polarization, as evidenced by social media posts about her, but many people seem to enjoy her music and performances