Lion King Prequel Follows The Origin Story Of Mufasa

The first look of ‘Mufasa: The Lion King’ has been revealed at the D23 Expo.

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins revealed the Mufasa First Look.

In the movie ‘Lion King’, Mufasa is king of Pride Lands, father of Simba, and mate of Sarabi.

The prequel will follow the origin story of Mufasa who is one of the greatest kings of Pride Lands.

They revealed a brief footage from the movie showing Mufasa struggles to survive.

The footage began with Rafiki (John Kani) telling the story of Mufasa to young cubs.

The trailer showed a young, orphan Mufasa surviving a great flood.

The film Mufasa: The Lion King is expected to hit theatres in 2024.