Alyssa Zebrasky has undergone more than three years of laser tattoo removal on her heavily tattooed face

She got the tattoo while in a toxic relationship with her ex-partner, who encouraged her to get it and picked out the design

Alyssa ended up in police custody three times and even went on a short police chase with her ex

She has turned her life around and is now in a healthy relationship

Alyssa covers the tattoos with heavy foundation and is using the INK-nitiative program in Austin, Texas to remove them permanently

 She is documenting the process on social media with the support of her family and new partner

 Alyssa feels disappointed looking back at pictures of herself with the tattoos, but also proud of her personal growth

She believes change and healing are possible and has learned to love herself

Alyssa works as a heavy machinery operator

 The woman feels disappointed in herself looking back at pictures of the tattoo, but also proud of her personal growth.