Who is Monkees Drummer Micky Dolenz?

With string of hits, The Monkees became household names in 1960s.

The rock group gained huge popularity because of drummer Micky Dolenz.

Micky Dolenz worked as a child actor before getting fame as drummer in The Monkees.

Micky Dolenz is the son of 1940s actress Janelle Johnson.

Micky joined The Monkees in 1965.

Before joining the band, he was a series regular in the show Circus Boy.

Later, Micky Dolenz also featured in the band’s sitcom titled ‘The Monkees.’

They gave many hit songs that include Pleasant Valley Sunday, Valleri, I’m A Beliver, etc.

The Monkees officially split up in 1970 but came together again in 1980s.