Why Rhaenyra & Daemon Aren’t In House Of The Dragon Ep 9

HOT D Episode 9 titled ‘The Green Council’ didn’t feature Rhaenyra and Daemon.

The episode shows Greens desperately working to keep the death of the King Viserys a secret.

The episode heavily focuses on the politics to crown Aegon over Rhaenyra.

At the end of House Of The Dragon Episode 9, Aegon II Targaryen becomes King of Westeros.

It is the first episode of HOT D without featuring Rhaenyra and Daemon at all.

House of The Dragon Ep 9 takes place at King’s Landing entirely.

Daemon, Rhaenyra, and their children left for Dragonstone in episode 8, so they are still traveling during the events of The Green Council.

Rhaenyra has more difficult role of being the one to take the Iron Throne back rather than defend it.