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Mishti Basu Movies And Web Series Watch Online

Mishti Basu Movies And Web Series Watch Online

The Indian Skinemax introduces new actresses almost every day and we barely got the chance to remember anyone’s name. Luckily, Pallavi Basu aka Mishti Basu somehow managed to get into our heads for longer than usual.

In a couple of months, she featured in many erotic web series and short films that got good views on the OTT platforms. In the upcoming months, she will be seen in many other web series as well. And undoubtedly we keep informing you about everything happening.

In the meantime, check the shortlist of Mishti Basu movies and web series we have figured out for your entertainment.

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Mishti Basu Movies List

Riti Riwaj Pinjara (Ullu Original)

It was probably the first time everyone has noticed Mishti Basu in the OTT platforms. The chemistry and oozing romantic scenes between Mishti Basu and Mahi Kamala were the talks of the town. It became the most-watched Riti Riwaj episode and credit goes to Mishti Basu.

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Palang Tod Aadha Adhura Pyaar (Ullu Original)

Ullu’s Original next title after Charmsukh is Palang Tod and it featured some of the best intimate scenes one could ever see in Indian skinemax erotica. On top of that, the episode also features Mishti Basu’s first threesome romance with two males.

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Charmsukh Salahkaar (Ullu Original)

Charmsukh Salahkaar is new and bold because of the astounding performance by its actors. All the kisses, hugging, touching, and intimacy was quite comfortable and well-executed. The series is getting a way too much popularity with the Pallavi Basu episode.


Lodam Bhabhi (Rabbit)

We have had enough of Bhabhi content on the OTT platforms. It clearly indicates that most of the Indian viewers as well as content creators are nothing but a Bhabhi person. Pallavi Basu as Lodam Bhabhi is quite appealing and clearly binge-able.

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Uljhan (YouTube)

Uljhan is a short film directed by Mishti Basu’s friend Saagar Kumar. The short film is shot and executed in probably her own house with either phone or DSLR. The video was uploaded 5 months ago during the lockdown.

Garam Masala (Pulse prime)

Another erotic tale from the Pulse prime feature Mishti Basu in the lead role. In the Garam Masala, two episodes feature two hot actresses Mishti and Pooja Kashyap in the lead role.

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Desi Tadka (Baloon App)

The short series from Baloon App features Pallavi Basu in a never-seen-before avatar. In the web series, Mishti Basu bares it all and probably went for simulated intercourse for the necessary scenes.

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