Chandrima Banerjee Web Series List Watch Online On Ullu App

Chardrima Banerjee, a seasoned presence on local OTT platforms, has quietly contributed to the digital landscape for years. However, it is only recently, through her collaboration with the Ullu app for the web series “Choked Web Series” that the actress is receiving the recognition she deserves. A curated list of her diverse web series offers a glimpse into her versatile talent.

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1) Choked Web Series – Ullu App:

Released in two compelling parts, this web series delves into the intimate realm of bedroom fantasies, focusing on the unconventional theme of choking one’s partner during moments of intimacy. Chandrima Banerjee assumes the second lead role, while Jonita D’Cruz takes on the lead character, creating a captivating narrative that pushes boundaries.

2) Putala Web Series – Primeplay App:

A captivating fictional tale unfolds on the Primeplay App, where a shop handler discovers the supernatural ability to transform mannequins into women at will. The visually stunning web series has garnered immense popularity on Primeplay, showcasing Chandrima Banerjee’s diverse acting prowess.

3) Amar Prem Movie – Nuefliks:

Director Tan takes a bold approach in this Nuefliks web series, offering a revamped version of the Rishi Kapoor classic “Prem Rog.” Starring Nehal Vadolia and Chandrima Banerjee in lead roles, the series stands out as underrated and story-driven, diverging from the conventional narrative tropes prevalent in the realm of Chandrima Banerjee’s web series.

Chandrima Banerjee from Chall web series
Chandrima Banerjee from Amar Prem Movie

4) Desires Short Film – Nuefliks:

In a shorter format, Chandrima Banerjee’s acting finesse is showcased in the Nuefliks short film “Desires,” offering a glimpse into the nuanced exploration of desires and emotions.

5) Judwa Short Film – Fliz Movies:

Chandrima Banerjee’s repertoire extends to the short film domain with “Judwa,” featured on Fliz Movies. This concise yet impactful narrative adds another dimension to her diverse body of work.

6) Chandni Bhabhi Web Series – Fliz Movies:

A noteworthy addition to her portfolio, “Chandni Bhabhi” on Fliz Movies explores intriguing themes, showcasing Chandrima Banerjee’s ability to engage audiences in varied storytelling.

7) Phone S3 Web Series – Gupchup:

For Gupchup app, Chandrima Banerjee is part of the web series “Phone S3,” contributing to the platform’s array of content with her compelling performances.

chandrima banerjee web series choked ullu
Chandrima Banerjee

8) Tharki Director Web Series – Fenomovies:

Her association with Fenomovies in the web series “Tharki Director” further demonstrates Chandrima Banerjee’s willingness to explore diverse and unconventional narratives.

9) Rimi Bhabhi – Elect City:

For Elect City OTT platform, Chandrima Banerjee adds another layer to her performances with the web series “Rimi Bhabhi,” showcasing her versatility in character portrayal.

10) Chal Web Series – Fliz Movies:

The Fliz Movies web series “Chal” becomes another canvas for Chandrima Banerjee’s talent, offering viewers an engaging narrative that goes beyond the conventional.

Chandrima Banerjee from Chall web series
Chandrima Banerjee from Chall Web Series

11) Guru Dakshina Web Series – Fliz Movies:

Closing the list is “Guru Dakshina,” a web series on Fliz Movies, where Chandrima Banerjee’s contributions continue to demonstrate her commitment to varied storytelling on different platforms.

12) Laila Web Series – Ullu App

Chandrima Banerjee featured again in a Ullu web series titled Laila. The web series focuses on a man who formed a relationship with Laila’s mother to stay close to Laila. Chandrima Banerjee played the character of Laila’s mother along with Maheen Mahi playing the titular character.

Laila Ullu Web Series Cast, Actress Name, Watch Online
Chandrima Banerjee

In her journey through these diverse web series and short films, Chandrima Banerjee emerges as an artist unafraid of pushing boundaries and exploring the multifaceted nature of storytelling in the digital age.

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