Johnny Sins And Ranveer Singh Break Taboos With Bold Care Ad

Bold Care, a prominent sexual health and wellness brand in India, has launched its latest campaign, #TakeBoldCareOfHer, featuring Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. The primary objective of this initiative, according to a press release from the company, is to normalize discussions around men’s sexual health and change the way society addresses these issues. The company emphasizes that while these concerns are widespread, they are also easily manageable.

Notably, internet personality Johnny Sins makes his debut in Indian advertising through this campaign. The accompanying brand film takes a comedic approach, parodying typical Indian TV dramas to address the subject matter in a light-hearted manner. Through humorous sequences, the ad aims to normalize the discussion around men’s sexual health while presenting scientifically backed solutions.

The ad, crafted by Tanmay Bhat, Devaiah Bopanna, and their team, is directed by Ayappa KM and produced by Earlyman Films, a renowned ad production house in the country. This campaign marks a significant step for Indian brands, challenging societal taboos surrounding men’s sexual health and offering accessible solutions.

Bold Care x Ranveer Singh ft. Johnny Sins - #TakeBoldCareOfHer
Bhavna Chauhan & Johnny Sins

Bold Care Launches Groundbreaking Campaign to Normalize Conversation About Men’s Sexual Health

Bold Care’s campaign represents a significant milestone in the landscape of Indian brands, addressing men who have silently endured sexual health concerns due to shame or judgment, the company stated. This compassionate endeavor seeks to dismantle outdated stigmas, shedding light on taboo subjects and conveying a crucial message: individuals are not alone, and assistance is readily available. Bold Care is pioneering a user-friendly approach tailored for the Indian market, providing men with straightforward, genuine, and efficacious solutions for their sexual health needs.

Rajat Jadhav, co-founder of Bold Care, underscored the campaign’s innovative strategy, stating, “With #TakeBoldCareofHer, we aim to combat the stigma surrounding men’s sexual health in India. Our objective has always been to pioneer this category and spark open dialogues regarding sexual health. We are committed to aiding men in overcoming their sexual health challenges through evidence-based solutions.”

Ranveer Singh, also a co-founder of Bold Care, expressed his genuine commitment to leveraging his influence for awareness-raising and positive impact. He emphasized that the Bold Care campaign transcends mere conversation, characterizing it as a mission he deeply resonates with, aiming for tangible solutions and widespread impact across the nation.

The campaign is currently active on various digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to reach a diverse audience and foster meaningful discussions.

Who Is the Actress In the Bold Care Ad with Johny Sins and Ranveer Singh?

Social media Influencer Bhavna Chauhan (bhavnachauhanofficial) is the face of Bold Care Ad.

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