10 Best Rani Pari Web Series List Watch Online

Rani Pari is a popular OTT actress famous for her works in hot web series released across platforms. The actress hailed from West Bengal and shone in the industry with her first few web series. She featured in already popular series Pehredaar 3 of the Primeplay app.

It was the first instant fans noticed her potential, and she continued to feature in multiple web series after that. While the actress has been part of some of the most-watched web series, we curated a list of the 10 best hand-picked Rani Pari web series you can watch online right now.

1. Khaat Web Series on Hunters App

Rani Pari recently featured in one of the most awaited Khaat web series. The series took a horror route and blended the mysterious element well with the beauty of the Hunters app web series. Besides, you get to see Rani Pari in another exciting role as a ghost in the Khaat web series.

2. Hawas Web Series on Hunters App

As the title suggests, this special Hunters web series explores the human emotions of Hawas (Lust). Rani Pari plays a significant role in the web series with many other talented actors. These web series are more story-driven as these are released post the censor notice to Hunters App.

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3. Nathuniya Web Series on Voovi App

You get to see the brilliance of SSK Sir in the Nathuniya Web Series as it explores the old-age traditions where women used to wear Nathuni as their pride. What flavors did Director SSK add to the web series to make it unique from his previous works?

Rani Pari web series list watch online, HD pics
Khushbu and Rani Pari From Komal Ki Sawari Web Series

4. Pehredaar 5 Web Series On Primeplay App

It looks like Rani Pari took the popular Pehredaar web series from Shyna Khatri mid-way. While the Pehredaar web series is known for Shyna Khatri’s prowess, now Rani Pari has become the poster girl of the Pehredaar web series.

5. Madhushala Web Series On Primeplay App

Primeplay app did something beautiful when they kept coming up with unique ideas for their web series. One of their most popular web series titles Madhushala shows a mocktail of a relationship when a whole family member joins a private club named Madhushala. Highly recommended.

6. Dirty Entertainer Web Series on Wow App

Delve into the captivating world of “Dirty Entertainer,” a web series exclusively available on the Wow App. The storyline follows a charismatic gigolo who finds himself in the employ of a group of empowered women. Promising pure amusement, this series guarantees an unforgettable viewing experience for fans seeking a blend of wit and entertainment.

Rani Pari web series list watch online, HD pics
Rani Pari and Shreoshi Chatterjee from Dirty Entertainer Web Series

7. Maangalik Web Series On Primeplay App

Embark on a unique narrative journey with the “Maangalik” web series, streaming exclusively on Primeplay. The plot revolves around a girl born on a Tuesday, her life intricately intertwined with astrological predictions foretelling an unhappy married life. Explore the complexities of fate, love, and superstition in this thought-provoking series.

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8. Komal Ki Sawari Web Series on Wow App

Step into the world of intrigue with the “Komal Ki Sawari” web series, a Wow App exclusive. The storyline centers around Komal, exploring how individuals exploit her innocence. The character Rani Pari takes on the role of Komal’s friend, guiding her through the pivotal experience of losing her virginity. A narrative filled with twists and turns, this series promises an engaging exploration of societal dynamics.

Rani Pari web series list watch online, HD pics
Rani Pari

9. Damad Ji Web Series on Besharams App

Besharams App introduces the sensational “Damad Ji” web series, unraveling a scandalous tale of a son-in-law who manipulates familial ties. Witness how this cunning Damad exploits relationships within the family, setting the stage for a dramatic and riveting storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

10. Choti Bahu Web Series on Hunters App

Celebrate the early pinnacle of Rani Pari’s career with “Choti Bahu,” a remarkable web series exclusively on Hunters App. In this series, Rani Pari takes on the lead role, delivering a standout performance that solidifies her status as a versatile and talented actress. Explore the nuances of storytelling in this finely crafted series, a testament to Rani Pari’s prowess in the world of digital entertainment.

We hope to see Rani Pari continue to do web series and keep us entertained with her acting skills and screen presence.

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