Surbhi Khatun Air Hostess Arrested After 1 KG Gold Found In Rectum

An air hostess from Kolkata, employed by Air India Express, was apprehended at Kannur airport for allegedly smuggling gold concealed in her rectum. This information was disclosed by a source from the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).

In Short

  • She was a cabin crew on Air India Express flight that landed from Muscat on May 28
  • Around 960 grams gold was found concealed in her rectum
  • She has been remanded to custody for 14 days in the matter

The cabin crew member, Surabhi Khatun, was on an Air India Express flight that arrived from Muscat on May 28. DRI officials discovered around 960 grams of gold hidden in her rectum. Following this, she was presented before a magistrate and placed in custody for 14 days.

Surbhi Khatun Air Hostess (1)

Reports indicate that Surabhi Khatun had previously smuggled gold on several occasions. The gold was seized by DRI officials at Kannur Airport, leading to her immediate arrest.

The incident highlights ongoing issues with gold smuggling, particularly involving airline staff. The DRI continues to monitor and take action against such activities to curb illegal smuggling practices. Surabhi Khatun’s arrest serves as a reminder of the severe consequences for those caught engaging in smuggling.

The Smuggling Draws Parallel To Recently Released Comedy Film Crew

“Crew” is a comedy film featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon in pivotal roles. The movie revolves around a quirky and humorous plot centered on gold smuggling by airline cabin crew members. These three leading ladies play the roles of flight attendants who, tired of their mundane lives, get entangled in a gold smuggling scheme.

Surbhi Khatun Air Hostess (1)

The film’s comedic narrative explores their misadventures and the chaotic situations they find themselves in as they attempt to outsmart customs officials and rival smugglers. With a perfect blend of wit, humor, and stellar performances, “Crew” offers an entertaining take on the challenges and hilarity that ensue when ordinary individuals get caught up in extraordinary circumstances.

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