Vincent D’Onfrio’s Kingpin Poses Thanos Level Threat For Street Heroes In MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s assortment of villains has been a mix of successes and misses. While characters like Ego, High Evolutionary, and Killmonger have left a lasting impact, figures such as Maliketh, Whiplash, and Dreykov have balanced the scale.

Undoubtedly, the majority consider Thanos as the franchise’s greatest antagonist. His careful and strategic buildup from the early stages of Infinity War, coupled with Josh Brolin’s remarkable motion-capture performance, reshaped the power dynamics with a snap of his fingers.

However, individuals with a discerning taste may have diverse opinions. In the realm of Marvel’s short-lived Defenders series on Netflix, one villain emerges prominently. Neither a good Samaritan nor a priest, this antagonist embodies ill intent.

Echo season 1 full series download
Vincent D’Onfrio And Alaqua Cox From Echo Season 1

Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is set to make a return in the MCU’s latest TV series, Echo, premiering on Disney Plus tonight (January 9). Having originally debuted in Netflix’s Daredevil as New York’s most feared crime lord, notorious for his violence and disdain for the Man Without Fear, Kingpin had a brief appearance in Hawkeye after the streamer’s small-screen franchise was discontinued.

Echo marks the anticipated TV-MA comeback for D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, and at the premiere, he confidently declared, “Kingpin is back for sure, and he’s gonna get what he wants like always. That’s what’s gonna happen.”

Echo Season 1 Review: Audience Reactions

In initial reactions, one user enthusiastically shared, ” #Echo told me everything I needed to know, which is Daredevil: Born Again from Marvel Studios will be PEAK Daredevil, and Kingpin feels just like they were in their show!”

Another tweet echoed similar sentiments: “With #Echo, I had almost the same feelings as with Daredevil at the time. If you liked what you saw on Netflix, you’re going to like this. Alaqua Cox is impeccable, and Vincent D’Onofrio with his Kingpin is the best thing that happened to the MCU. It’s this way, Marvel.”

Echo season 1 full series download
Alaqua Cox From Echo Season 1

Kingpin has garnered the title of the “Thanos of the street-level MCU” for the future, hinting at his continued presence post-Echo. Producer Richie Palmer teased, “I think stay tuned to how this show ends and where we see him next. As a Kingpin fan myself, that sounds awesome and I know Vincent would love it,” as he shared insights with Comic Book.

Echo is set to premiere on Disney Plus and Hulu on January 9.

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