Jenna Ortega Kisses Her Female Co-Star Gideon Adlon In Miller’s Girl

Jenna Ortega has once again captured the public’s attention for a noteworthy scene in her latest film. The actress engages in a passionate on-screen kiss with her co-star Gideon Adlon, adding a bold and captivating element to the movie.

Renowned for her role as Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s Netflix series and her versatile performances in TV shows like Jane The Virgin, Ortega continues to make unpredictable and exciting choices in her career. Her recent involvement in a compelling thriller further showcases her dedication and versatility as a rising star in the industry.

Watch Online Jenna Ortega’s Miller’s Girl Movie

“Miller’s Girl” is an American thriller film infused with a touch of dark comedy and campy elements. Martin Freeman, known for his roles in “The Hobbit” and “Black Panther,” takes on the role of Jonathan Miller, a teacher intrigued by the potential of his student, Cairo (played by Jenna Ortega). Recognizing Cairo’s writing prowess, he assigns her a unique project that leads her to perceive it as “special treatment.”

Jenna Ortega Kisses Her Female Co-Star Gideon Adlon In Miller’s Girl
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As the plot unfolds, Miller becomes taken aback by the content of Cairo’s work, raising concerns about the boundaries in their teacher-student relationship. The narrative takes unexpected turns, delving into complications that propel the story toward a gripping climax, promising upheaval in the characters’ lives.

Drawing inspiration from thrillers of the nineties, such as “Wild Things,” the film has received mixed reviews. While some critics note unintentional campiness to a fault, others commend Jenna Ortega’s performance and appreciate the pulpy aspects of the storyline. Currently holding a 34% Rotten Tomatoes critic score based on 41 reviews, “Miller’s Girl” invites audiences to explore a suspenseful narrative with a blend of dark humor and campy intrigue.

Miller’s Girl Scene Has Jenna Ortega Kissing Co-Star Gideon Adlon

Since its January release, specific scenes from “Miller’s Girl” have evoked overwhelming reactions from audiences. Notably, a moment featuring Jenna Ortega kissing her co-star Gideon Adlon, who portrays Winnie, Cairo’s friend, has taken on a life of its own. The on-screen duo shares nervous laughter, with Cairo initiating the scene by asking, “Ready?” just before a passionate kiss unfolds, accompanied by a swelling soundtrack.

Jenna Ortega Kisses Her Female Co-Star Gideon Adlon In Miller’s Girl

This scene has transcended the film itself, as numerous viewers have shared clips of their theatrical reactions on platforms like TikTok and Twitter/X, amassing thousands of views collectively. Audience responses range from enthusiastic comments such as “That’s so hot” to playful expressions of envy, with one fan posting a heartbroken emoji alongside the words “Why not me?”

“The spit…” one simply remarked. Another shared their shock on TikTok with the caption: “Me watching Miller’s Girl and seeing Jenna Ortega practically eating some girl’s face off.”

For those unacquainted with Gideon, the 26-year-old actress boasts notable roles in films like “Blockers,” “The Craft: Legacy,” and “Sick,” as well as TV shows including “The Society” and “The Thing About Pam.”

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“Miller’s Girl” is currently exclusively showing in theaters, continuing to captivate audiences with its memorable scenes and engaging performances.

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