Katrina Kaif Discusses Challenging Towel Fight Scene in ‘Tiger 3’ With Michelle Lee

In a recent interview, Bollywood star Katrina Kaif opened up about the much-discussed towel fight sequence in the trailer of the highly anticipated movie ‘Tiger 3,’ co-starring Salman Khan.

Challenges Faced During Shooting

Kaif revealed that the towel fight scene, set in a steamy Hammam room, was extremely challenging to shoot. The sequence involved intense hand-to-hand combat with Michelle Lee, requiring precision in gripping, fending, and executing punches and kicks. Despite the difficulties, Kaif praised Adi for conceiving this unique scene, emphasizing that such a fight sequence featuring two women on screen is unprecedented in India.

Katrina kaif towel fight scene
Katrina Kaif Instagram

Unique Contribution to Female Action Heroes

The actress acknowledged that the Tiger franchise consistently provides opportunities to elevate the portrayal of female action heroes. According to Kaif, the film breaks new ground by demonstrating that a woman can fight just as skillfully as a hero on screen. She commended the franchise for presenting her character, Zoya, as a super spy who can stand toe-to-toe with any opponent and emerge as the last person standing.

Excitement in Playing Zoya

Expressing her joy in portraying the character of Zoya, Kaif stated that she has lived vicariously through the life of a super spy. Zoya’s ability to match the fighting prowess of Tiger, played by Salman Khan, adds a new and exciting dimension for both the actress and the audience.

Katrina kaif towel fight scene
Katrina Kaif from Tiger 3 trailer

Empowering Representation

In conclusion, Katrina Kaif highlighted the empowering representation of women in action roles, emphasizing that Zoya’s character challenges traditional gender norms by showcasing a woman who can fight as effectively as a man. She expressed her satisfaction in contributing to a film that pushes the boundaries of female action heroes in Indian cinema. For more updates, stay tuned to EkSukoon.

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