Meet Michelle Lee, Who Towel-Fight With Katrina Kaif In Tiger 3

Hollywood actor Michelle Lee, renowned for her intense fight scenes in films like Black Widow and Pirates of the Caribbean, is set to spar with Katrina Kaif in the upcoming movie ‘Tiger 3.’ Lee commends Kaif’s dedication to action scenes, particularly in the challenging towel fight sequence with Katrina Kaif.

A Hollywood Stalwart on the ‘Tiger 3’ Set

Michelle Lee, known for her work with Hollywood A-listers like Scarlett Johansson and Johnny Depp, has joined Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in ‘Tiger 3.’ The Hollywood star expresses excitement about being part of an international film.

Lee reveals that the towel fight sequence seen in the film’s trailer took weeks of rehearsal. The actresses had to carefully manage the towels to ensure a safe yet convincing fight on screen. The set design and choreography made the experience enjoyable for the cast.

Michelle Lee towel fight scene in tiger 3 (3)
Michelle Lee

Katrina Kaif’s Dedication Wins Praise

Lee is full of praise for Katrina Kaif, describing her as graceful and professional. Kaif’s hard work in perfecting the movements and choreography is evident, making the collaboration smooth. Lee appreciates Kaif’s experience in choreography, making the intense scenes easier to work through.

Managing the towels wrapped around their bodies posed a significant challenge during the Hammam sequence. Lee explains that the towels had to stay in place despite the dynamic movements and fight choreography. To address this, certain points of the towels were sewn closed.

Michelle Lee towel fight scene in tiger 3 (3)
Michelle Lee

Precision in Action: Balancing Danger and Safety

One of the challenges Lee highlights is striking the right balance in distance during fight scenes. The goal was to make the action look close enough to be intense and powerful without causing harm. Lee emphasizes professionalism on set, ensuring a smooth shoot without any injuries.

In conclusion, Michelle Lee shares her excitement about the unique experience of working on ‘Tiger 3’ and praises the collaborative effort that went into creating the epic towel fight sequence. Stay tuned for more updates on this international film.

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