Shubhangi Sharma Web Series List Watch Online

Shubhangi Sharma is an Indian actress famous for predominantly working on local Indian OTT platforms. The actress made a name for herself featuring in dozens of hot web series across platforms. If you are a fan of Shubhangi Sharma or want to know more about the actress, read the article in detail to learn about her works.

Shubhangi Sharma was born on 26th November 1997 in India. The 27-year-old actress has bared it all in front of the camera in numerous web series. From girl-on-girl actions to three-way romance, the actress never sighs away to shoot if screenplay demands.

Here’s the list of some of the most popular works of Shubhangi Sharma that you can watch on OTT platforms.

Shubhangi Sharma Web Series List

Web SeriesOTT Platform
Seal 5Primeshots App
KhichdiWow Gold App
Good LuckBesharams App
DarjiWow Gold App
MukhiyaHulchul App
MadhushalaPrimeplay App
PehredaarPrimeplay App
ChaskaHunters App
SitiyabaazDesi Flix App
Love PillYessma App

Seal 5 Web Series – Primeshots App

Shubhangi Sharma played the lead role in Primeshot’s popular web series Seal 5. The series has previously cast many other actresses that include Ayesha Kapoor, Aliya Naaz, and Sharanya Jit Kaur, among others in key roles.

Shubhangi Sharma web series list watch online

Khichdi Web Series – Wow Gold App

She played the character of Preeti along with Ritu Rai and Priya Roy. The story revolves around 3 girls living in a PG while the local household tries to take advantage of the girls by spiking their meals. The web series is quite entertaining, especially with a three-way girl-on-action action scene.

Good Luck Web Series – Besharams App

A web series that showcases the importance of lady luck. Besharams App brought an interesting web series that was relatable as well as created some wild fantasies that come true to the senses of the viewers.

Shubhangi Sharma web series list watch online

Darji Web Series – Wow Gold App

The web series talks about a tailor in the village famous for creating new designs of blouses and getting attention from girls and women in the village.

Mukhiya Web Series – Hulchul App

The web series talks about a unique tradition in the village where females are only appointed as Mukhiya and they rule according to their will.

Shubhangi Sharma web series list watch online

Madhushala Web Series – Primeplay App

The story revolves around a local bar named Madhushala where many characters come to interact and spend their night. Havoc ensues as one family comes and gets their secrets unveiled.

Pehredaar 5 Web Series – Primeplay App

Primeplay just can’t miss any opportunity to grill their favorite and most popular web series title. Pehredaar 5 web series brought Shubhangi Sharma along with some other actresses from previous seasons to create another dazzling story.

Shubhangi Sharma web series list watch online

Chaska Web Series – Hunters App

Chaska web series from the Hunters app was the launchpad for Ritu Rai as she shot to fame after her praiseworthy performance. However, Shubhangi Sharma played an interesting character in the web series.

Sitiyabaaz Web Series – Desi Flix App

Shubhangi Sharma owned every frame of the Sitiyabaaz web series released on the Desi Flix App. The actress plays a village girl who is in awe of her brother-in-law who arrived from the city. She approached and formed a relationship with her brother-in-law. Later, she got blackmailed to have a series of affairs till her husband knew.  

Shubhangi Sharma web series list watch online

Love Pill Web Series – Yessma App

Shubhangi Sharma is also featured in the Yessma app web series titled Love Pill. Yessma App is popular for creating interesting content and bringing out intricate details of romanticism that often happens behind doors.

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